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Building Compliance Self-Assessment Tool

Welcome to the ABMA Building Compliance Self-Assessment Tool. Please read and note well the important disclaimer below.


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In using this Building Compliance Self-Assessment Facility you acknowledge and accept that the ABMA offers no guarantee of regulatory compliance, building code certification or any other endorsement or otherwise by government agency or authority.

To gain reliable certification and the ABMA Gold Seal™ of Compliance, an external audit via an ABMA Accredited Compliance & Performance Assessor is recommended.

  By ticking this box I confirm that I acknowledge and accept this disclaimer.


An email notification will be sent to your supplied email address (details below).

The next step in this self-assessment tool will request your building location details. You will also be asked to enter your ABMA Building Management Code© book identifier, found on the sticker on the back cover (i.e. Q153). Leave this blank if you have yet to purchase the ABMA Building Management Code.

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Click (or tap) on these buttons to reveal further contextual information. For example, references to the relevant section of the ABMA Building Management Code©


Acknowledgement Email
This email message will acknowledge your assessment commencement. The email will also contain a hyper-link to optionally return to this self-assessment facility should the process be interrupted.

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