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Building Compliance Standards


ABMA Building Compliance Accreditation Agency Limited is a not-for-profit community support organisation incorporated to provide a platform for information, advice and self-assessment around regulatory compliance standards for the maintenance, repairs and care of common property in Australia.

There are over 100+ Acts, Regulations, Australian Standards, Codes of Practice and ‘best practice’ standards imposing duties, tasks, responsibilities, accountability and actions upon building owners and their management teams.

The residential and mixed-use strata sector of Australia covers some 250,000+ schemes with over 3 million apartments providing homes for millions of people. Each of these schemes is subject to over 100+ statutes that change and update from time to time.

Where do we go to find sector-specific information?

The ABMA Building Management Code© is the only guide in Australia to existing legislative standards specific to the residential strata and mixed-use sector. All the information a building owner, Committee or Facilities Manager needs to know about maintaining common property and sustaining regulatory compliance is captured in one volume.

Reviewed annually by the Independent Review Panel, the ABMA Building Management Code© comes out with a revised edition each new year so subscribers can guarantee that they are kept completely up-to-date on legislative requirements.

How do I test my building’s compliance?

Start today with the ABMA Self-Assessment tool for regulatory compliance.

If you have a highly complex building and would like the extra assurance of an external audit, the ABMA can link you to an ABMA Accredited Compliance & Performance Assessor for a principled audit of compliance. For an introduction to an independent Assessor contact us via Freecall 1800 123 262 or email help@abma.org.au

ABMA Building Compliance Accreditation Agency Limited is a not-for-profit community platform for supporting regulatory compliance via self-assessment. Referrals to ABMA Accredited Industry Practitioners do not earn revenue for the ABMA. This is a community service for ABMA Code subscribers who seek to engage the best service providers in their local area.


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