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The ABMA Building Management Code© is the Australia-wide guide to existing legislation for all building maintenance and compliance standards across the residential and mixed-use strata sector in each state.

The 500+ page ABMA Code is not designed for Sunday afternoon reading; it is a reference text to use ‘as required’. Sometimes we just want a bite-size chunk of specific information about a specific topic to solve a specific problem - now!

How can the ABMA help?

Naturally subscribers can pick up the phone and call 1800 123 262 to speak to an Independent Review Panel member or ABMA Accredited Compliance & Performance Assessor for answers to questions, or you can send us an email help@abma.org.au

Of course, we can also provide you with ‘extra’ information via our suite of cost-effective and easy-to-read topic-specific Guidebooks.

Available in a range of special topics, these nifty Guidebooks make a great addition to your client services and/or employee training systems.

ABMA Guidebook Range

Available now for order we have:

Bulk Purchase option:
The ABMA Code© can be purchased in packs of ten, with the ABMA Guide Books in packs of five. Simply set the item quantity to 10 (ABMA Code©) or 5 (Guide Books) to see the bulk pricing. Return to order ABMA Code©

ABMA Building Compliance Accreditation Agency Limited is a not-for-profit community platform for supporting regulatory compliance via self-assessment. Referrals to ABMA Accredited Industry Practitioners do not earn revenue for the ABMA. This is a community service for ABMA Code subscribers who seek to engage the best service providers in their local area.

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Contact the ABMA via Freecall 1800 123 262 or email help@abma.org.au


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