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WHS Compliance Management Plan - Introduction

For: Facilities Managers, Building Managers, Strata Managers, Bodies Corporate Committee members, Residential strata properties, Caretakers, Management Rights owners.

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Introducing ABMA
We started out back in 2012 as a group of Facilities Managers, lawyers, compliance consultants and service providers practicing in the residential strata space, joining forces to volunteer our time to come up with an easier way to navigate the 100+ Acts, Regulations and Australian Standards imposing duties on us for regulatory compliance around the maintenance of common property. Nowhere in Australia was there one reliable resource for all the information we needed to know to maintain the common property of a residential or mixed-use scheme, in simple, relevant language.

ABMA Building Compliance Accreditation Agency Limited (the ‘ABMA’) is a not-for-profit community support organisation incorporated to provide a platform for information, advice and self-assessment around regulatory compliance standards for the maintenance, repairs and care of common property in Australia.

Our efforts in lobbying Governments for more support around the structural integrity of scheme buildings includes recommendations for the Facilities Management Plan to be supplied by the Developer to all new schemes, and Defect Assessment Reviews to happen on every new building. We are also campaigning for a Compliance Schedule to accompany each occupancy permit, so all building owners know precisely what regulatory compliance obligations they hold from the first day of the newly registered scheme.

The ABMA and its network of specialist thought leaders will continue to campaign for supportive legislative reform, enforcement of existing legislation and Government support to building owners around compliance and structural integrity for the full life of the building.

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